Monday, October 17, 2011

As time passes by

I'm bored, so I decided to blog something random, got the idea from Jiuan's blog. So it's about seeing how you changed after all this year xD

WARNING: Photos that I will upload down here are very ugly and might burn your eyes!!!!! and I will just upload one picture for each year, I'm not a vain guy to take a lot of pictures of myself :P
OK lets start from the very beginning. . .


This is my picture when I was probably 1 year old? So it was in 1992. I look so "red" in the picture xD


This picture is taken when I'm around 2 years old, I looked so chubby!!! LOL
Yeah I'm wearing the "topi haji" before going for Eid celebration that time, and the hand that hold me is my mother's hand, she looked too sexy so I need to crop her out :P


This is me when I was around 3 years old, awwww dont I look adorable? LOL
Seriously, better enjoy the pictures now before looking the other pictures below, the pictures are going to be HORRIBLEEE xD


7 Years old Ayman, posing like a boss hahaha. I was wearing batman shirt in this pic 8D
I still have the shirt, but I left it in Brunei ><

OK NOW, the pictures below is . . . . . I dont know how to describe. . .look at your own risk LOL


HOLYYSHI****!!! HAHAHAHAH, I looked so..... pffttt WEIRDDDDD OMG!! o_O
I was 15 in this picture, having such a funny hairstyle HAHAHAH xDD


Changed my hairstyle to keep up with the on going style that time, the "GA" style? I forgot the name. And yeah I'm in my SOAS uniform 8D


Picture taken when I attended the first cosplay gathering in Brunei, the time before my pimples started to invade my face ><


At the airport after sending my friend, this is how I look like when I was studying in Maktab Duli.


Last year's picture, pimples have invaded my face by then and I got tanned due to being exposed to sunlight frequently when walking around campus xD


For the sake of this post, I just took this picture yesterday xD

So that's pretty much how I looked like from the beginning until now. I think I changed a lot (in appearance that is, my attitude is still the same though ;P )

Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday Summary

Ok!! I seriously need to update my blog now, at least I update it twice a year :PP
Hmm.... starting from the start of the holiday . . . .

Our holiday starts on the 14th May, I took my flight back to Brunei on the same day as the holiday starts. The first dew days were soooo BOORINNGG, because I'm used to the routine of going out almost everyday in KL. . . .but in Brunei, my parents controls me T__T

But I overcome that boredness by playing my usual favourite online game, Ragnarok Online :D

My Whitesmith :P

Out of boredom, I submitted my picture for the Otaku House cosplay competition, just curious how many "likes" I will get xD

The photo that I submitted, me as L

Few days after that, RanoAdidas, a famous blogger from Brunei, invited us (the cosplayers) to join in to make Consumer Fair in ICC to be merrier! Since I didnt have any new costume at that time, I decided just to do closet cosplay to be an ANBU from Naruto.

From the anime.

and..... That's me xD

I just used my robe, or in malay, jubah or gamiz, and wear the gloves that I bought long time ago. The kunai belonged to Auzee, and thanks to Ong/Zhakuro for pre-buying the mask for me :PP

It was a nice happening event, I get to meet the other cosplayers too ^^. Too bad, I didnt stay long enough to join the group photo and some of the stage performance x(

So my routine changed from facebooking and going out, to playing games and sleeping :/
But a good news came, there will be a convention in July!! It's about gaming and cosplay. So I decided to join the cosplay competition, but only group performances are allowed.....So I wasnt sure at first..... But suddenly.....

ohh lookie, a new message :O

It turns out the message was sent by one of my junior, Siew Ping. And out of the blue, she asked me to join to her sister's group for the competition. "I guess it's now or never", I told that to myself. . . . so I ended up accepting her request =X

So I asked her who will be in my group. The group consist of 5 people: Ting, Jiuan, Kat, Farah and myself (Jiuan and Ting are Ping's sisters). . . .and. . . .I never meet any of them by that time o.o

Since it's a group performance, sooner or later we need to meet up to discuss. After discussing at facebook on where to meet up, we made up our mind and met at Ping's house xDD

At her house, the one in Black is Farah, Ting (blue), Jiuan (red) and the last one is Kat ;P

It was awkward at first. . . .I thought Ping will be there to ease the atmosphere, but no, I end up surrounded by unknown people ._.
Our first idea was about circus theme, but it doesnt feel the 2nd idea is about some love/drama/action thingy =/
I was the last one to go back at that time, Kat and Farah went back early, and Jiuan and Ting just play their Maple Story ;O

Few days after that, me and the "Mai Mai Mai" gang decided to go to Maktab Duli to check on the MangAnime Club (we used to be a member) and the new science building. And I also need to meet up with Jiuan, Kat and Farah for further cosplay discussion .

The balloon that were originally planned to be used for the circus act.

Oh and I almost forgot, Anati told me in facebook during that time that "sorry, I'm still in UK, I wish i can meet up with you guys :(", LIESSS!! Good thing froggy spoiled your plan ;p

*tries to find the picture from facebook.....* wth Ong!! Why some of the pictures that you uploaded is not there anymore ._.
Not to forget the our usual Super Smash Bros Melee gaming session in the club, its been a long time since I fought Akif's Peach and Samus xD

My new personal favourite character after jigglypuff, mewtwo!! >:D

Before 1st of July, there was a usual gathering/gaming at my house. The one who came were Hanif, Ong, Anati, Akif, Nisa and Fath (Im not sure, I think he did came =/)
I copied few animes from their HDDs, like....12 seasons of POKEMON xDD

After that, I think Fath didnt want to join us as we are going to Jerudong to literally eat the famous grilled chicken butts, or as they called it "tongkeng" :d
I didnt expect it will be that nice O__O, each of us ate like 3 sticks of it xD

Butts on fire!!!

And before going back home, we went to visit Jerudong Park, just to look around what ride have been added/fixed since the total shutdown few years ago. It was around 8pm that time, my parents keep calling me as usual :p

Jerudong Park's gate

Next, on the 1st July, there was a photoshoot from a magazine called "Cluster" that are going to cover for the upcoming Expressive Arts Convention. The photoshoot was held at Asma Hotel, and so I cosplayed as Kyouya. There were also a briefing about what we need to expect from our performances, since the event are going to be held at the same place.

I am the one with the blue coat
(and why does the arm looks -.-) photo taken by ScarySoul

For those who wanted to know how Kyouya looks like in the anime

Jiuan (she is our group leader by the way o.o) and her sisters also came to Asma hotel. Ping just arrived from Singapore that time, thanks for the candies ;P

The 3 sisters, the other one is giving the briefing =X

If you wanna know more about who came and what cosplay they did, just look at the video above. Credits to Shiqah Hadi from capturing and editing it ;)

Since the competition is just 15 more days to go, we need to meet up again, this time at Kat's house. Kat picked me up since my parents cant sent me x_x
We crossed out our first 2 ideas and make up a new one, this time the idea is based on the "Phoenix Wright" game. I never played that game before, so I was astonished when they told me what to do, and the script was quite long for people that have bad memory like me :P
By the way thanks to Farah and Kat for the sushi and orange juice p:

Farah just arrived :D

We practiced for around 2 hours, I felt some how embarrassed when I practiced my line, especially the shouting part lol xP
Again, I was the last one to go back T__T

Finally the big event announces. . . .*drumrolls* EA CON!!


I woke up quite early on the 16th July, so I will have enough time to prepare for the event. I arrived at Asma around 10++am, meet Nancy and requested her to do the make up thingy lol :P
Met a lot of the juniors for Manganime Club like Ameera and Abby ^^

Me as Shinra from Durarara, and Ameera as Ciel

How Shinra looks like in the anime

So in the first day, there were a lot of activities such as the kungfu-like demonstration, yoyo performance, stage games which I participated. They asked all the participant to copy the manager's dance move, it's easy in the beginning, but as it carries out to more than....15 minutes of continues movement, my leg started to hurt lolol xD
and I gave up, leaving the stage as the 4th last man standing, only the last 3 people that can stay gets the prize, oh well~ (i think the dance name is...zumba dance? i forgot :S )

I was with Ong and Anati for almost all the time, thanks for the photos Ong :P

Anati with her so called "everyday fashion" =.=

17th July, the 2nd day of EA con. . . .the day of our performance! X___X
In the morning, I went to saloon to ask the hairdresser to make my hair look like the character Im going to cosplay as, but he cant do it nicely, and I need to restyle it myself. . .which is still a fail....but looks better though :p

So as I reached Asma hotel, I asked Nancy to do the same thing again. After that Jiuan told me to go to a room to do some rehearsals.

So at first, each group and the members need to introduce themselves. Jiuan was the first to go up the stage with her awesome doll cosplay ;D
Followed by me, Ting (Ethan), Kat (Sunako) and finally Farah (Fuu). I looked funny when I did the 2nd pose =.=

Our group leader (Jiuan) signing us up for the competition

I dont really wanna write about our performance, well basically its an idea from Phoenix Wright about a murder case. I am the defender, doll is witness, ethan as judge, sunako as defendant and fuu as the prosecutor of the case (not to forget ping behind the scene controlling the background music for us xD ). Everything was quite ok in the beginning, but after around the half of the script, I started to forget the lines, arghhhhhhh!!! I screwed our performance. . . good thing I can recall the line after a few seconds (imagine if I just give up X_X). Oh well, we didnt win though, but at least the audience gets a few laughs :P

Not really a group picture though, Ethan wasnt there.
From left: Farah, Ema, Ping, Jiuan, Kat, Me, Jackelyn

Oh I think I forgot to mention what I'm cosplaying as. I went as Lelouch from Code Geass. The picture below shows how he looks like in the anime ^^

Here is a video about the highlight of the EA con event created by the same person that made the Asma hotel photoshoot video (Shiqah). I appear at 4:17. . . .just saying :P
Oh by the way, Jiuan won the best Female costume!! as expected xDD

Look how bossy she looks like ;X

So yeah, I promised to treat them to excapade to make up for the mistake I did, and also for Ting's belated birthday celebration, and also for becoming an awesome friends just in a few weeks xD

We went to the mall first, but I was late . . . I missed out their karaoke session, I wanna hear!!! D:
and then we went to excapade straightaway, it was full, so we get to wait at the luxurious waiting room with the sofa and big TV. Everyone were so "sakai"...because it's our first time entering the waiting room, didnt know its very comfortable. After a while, we entered the restaurant and ordered our foods, sorry for the low budget "treat" though :P
and then before going back, we decided to take picture =3=

lol we are blocking people that are about to come down ;p

One day, Afifah and Mai posted on facebook, they wanted to meet up at Dewan Bahasa (a public library). . .So I commented on the post that I wanna join, I havent seen Afifah in a year! But then, in the library, Fifah and Mai keep talking about "those" stuffs, and I'm left out xD
And we walked to Yayasan to have our lunch at CAM, and we strolled around the Waterfront.

Me and Fifah doing the typical "peace" pose :P

The scorching heat lead us our way to Coffee Bean to cool ourself down. Thanks for the treat Fifah (for the Ice Blended and CAM Mee Mamak)!!!! we went back to library afterwards and my father picked me up not long after that.

I almost forgot to write, remember I mentioned that our previous cosplay performance was based on Phoenix Wright idea? So I just actually started playing the game few days before the performance xD
It's a really nice game for lawyer wannabes. I've played all the Phoenix Wright games now, just waiting for the second Apollo Justice if it's gonna be released that it :P

This is how the gameplay looks like, I played it on my laptop though. . I dont have a Nintendo DS

. .. . . .. And so the month of Ramadhan arrives, as usual, the first few days/week of fasting feels to be the hardest part xD
After I ate my sahur, I continued playing Phoenix Wright until like, 9am I think :o
After that I went to sleep, but around 12 noon, someone messaged me whether I wanna join for a movie or not :P
Then I replied yes, although my parents somehow doesnt want me to go, since it was the first day of Ramadhan lol x__x
We (me, Mercury and Ping) met at the Mall, and watched Captain America! I rate it 7.5/10, I dunno, just not too bad, not too good either :P

blerghh, I look fugly lolol xD

Ramadhan is not complete without the "Going-out-for-breaking-fast" thingy, or in malay "berbuka/sungkai bersama" (right? o.o) xD
Jiuan invited me to join breaking the fast with the Manganime club members at Capers. I met Farah, Kazuki, Froggy, Abby and lots of other juniors there :o
The food was very nicee!! But I need to go back early, hence I missed the foods that they order after I left lol :(

Photo taken by Farah's Ipad ;D

And then there were another "breaking fast" hangout that was organized by Juw Ydee Johari (facebook name LOL) for the cosplayers ;D
Thanks Mathin for picking me up ;)
and the gathering was held as Aiko Sushi. . .The buffet is around 8 Brunei Dollars, they serve some typical rice and chicken, soto, etc. but only limited (and by limited I mean only 1 type of sushi were served) x__X
But Juw Ydee treated a set of sushi for all the tables, YAYYY thank you veryy muchh!! ^^

Trying to tapau (takeaway) the left over sushi, and the one drooling behind is the organizer xD
(photo credits to scarysoul. . .and also for sending me back on that day :P )

2 days after that, Riku planned to break her fast at Pizza Hut, so we planned and invited Ong and Hanif with us. Sorry Riku, I didnt notice when i Passed by you infront of Best Eastern :PP
We didnt do much, only walked a bit, not enough energy since we were fasting :x
And Riku, thanks for the treat!! I should treat you next time ;)

Riku and Ong, wth are they looking at o.O

Too bad, I didnt get to hangout and break fast with my other gang :(
maybe next holiday. . which is not anytime soon, my November holiday will be taken by my geology field trip =.=

And I registered for Pottermore, thanks to Jiuan for sharing the answer for the second day hint xD
But sorry for not being active nowadays, "someone" introduced me to play Dragon Nest, and now I'm really hooked to it x__X
My Pottermore username is Thornsky55 (I didnt make that up, it's provided from them), so if you are in Pottermore, you can add me up, I will try to be active soon xD

I got sorted to Hufflepuff ;3

I think that pretty much wraps almost all the things that happened during the holiday in Brunei. By the way, not all the pictures above are mine, and sorry if I left out anything o.o
and selamat hari raya (I know it's late xP), happy studying to those who are continuing their studies and goodluck to those that get scholarship to study overseas ;D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello dead blog, sorry for ditching you all this time, I’m very busy last time with all the reports and tests and exams =/
Well since it’s holiday now, I’m planning to resurrect you from your dead xD

I didn’t realize how much time have passed since I entered uni, I can’t even believe myself that I just finished my first year in University of Malaya!!!! O_o

In this entry, I’m planning to reminiscence the overall ups and downs during my entire 1 year of uni life.

UM's Logo

“If you’re still like this, you won’t be able to survive uni life!!”
That’s what my parents always say to me before I entered UM. Those quote refers to how long I take to prepare myself, people that are close to me will know how lo

ng I usually take :p
Honestly I thought I’m not ready by then, but the f

unny thing is…. That habit is still with me, and guess what? I

survived uni life!!! Yay!!! Lol =.=

The first few weeks of orientation were a blast, despite the fact it mainly consist of doing “cheers”…. “KUAZ spirit KUAZ!!!
*AUMM!!* (3 times)
Those were amongst one (yes there’re a lot more) of our silly cheers xD

Look at those innocent faces being bossed around by the PM :p

And then, I still remember the first day I actually slept in the hostel, I didn’t actually slept in my own room, I carry my pillow and bolster and went to Huy’s room, since it’s the first night since my parents left me, I won’t lie, some tears did drop from my eyes (ewww man, emo much? :p)
So for the following days, I sleep in my room, and just realized how much better it is to stay alone xD

View from 3rd floor Block B

At that time, I always go to Wasiul’s room, and I just knew that he played Call of Duty (COD), so we started playing it via LAN. Then, one day, someone saw we were playing COD, his name is Eko, a guy from Indonesia, he thought he was the only gamer in the hostel, but now no longer ;)
Day after day, we managed to find few more gamers, and I recommend one of my neighbour to install the game as well. Last time, we managed to have a gaming session consisting of 8 people!!! (After I moved to the air-conditioned room)
List of the gamers: Me, Zaid, Mohammad Hassan, Eko, Wasiul, Hadi, Nanda and I forgot the last guy’s name since he only came once xD

Wasiul, Zaid and Mohammed playing COD

Moving on to my course…..sigh, my first impression of geology, is just…..hard, and IT IS HARD D:<
During first semester, I was shocked that I need to memorize all those rock names and its mineral contents and stuff like that x_x
Even the complicated fossil names!! I thought Im taking biology for a moment =.=

Things that we need to see almost everyday =_=

Those difficulties prepared me for my second semester, now I know what I’m expecting to learn in my course. Every once in a while I thought I took the wrong course…But I kept looking back, I always ask myself, why do I always score in geography during secondary level? Why did I write my future career as Geologist when filling up form before entering pre-university? Heck, even why my watch brand is FOSSIL?? I think that’s how Allah shows my path until now.

My watch ;D

In my class, I used to sit alone, not talking to anyone…Because I can’t really speak the Malaysian’s malay accent, and if I speak English, people might think im showing off my English or something like that…imagine a malay speaks English with another malay =P

Eventually I get closer to the chinese students, named Carthy, Sam, Poon, Hui Xin….They are really helpful to help me understand some of the studies. I’m not being racist here, I also made friends with the malays like Yaya, Jaja, Wanis, Huda and uhh can I include Michelle in here? ;P

Nobody in this pictures actually understand what he is saying ;P

University cannot be separated from social activities…friendship is a funny thing xD
Good old orientation times, when everyone seems lost, lonely and awkward. I remember when Amira asked me where am I from, I answered Brunei (well I’m from Brunei before I went there :p) and she was just like..oh okay.. lol
Huy is one of the first few friend I met, I don’t why, I think because it’s just weird to know that Vietnamese likes to eat curry :PP
During those times, I did make friends with the international students such as Toofany, Chingkiskhan (?), Wasiul, Rana, etc. but after orientation, they started leaving the college one by one.

Internationals~ ;)

Hence, I started hanging out and making friends with the locals. V Xim and Cheuwyan were my first 2 local friends I made; they were in the same cell as me during the orientation. Oh ya, that local dude named “Asy Rady” also become my friend after some conversation during orientation since he is in my cell as well.

After that, you can refer to my previous entries to know what happened, I don’t feel like writing it again :PP

One day… I was bored, and I saw some Singaporeans playing badminton at night, since It has been a long I do sports, I decided to join them for a while. That’s when I met Asyura, Unaizah, ermm who else were there? ._.
Well the point is, after that, I started to know more and more Singaporeans that stayed in the hostel xD

I never done any kind of “business” before, the APK (basic entrepreneurship) course last semester was my first time involved in that kind of stuffs. That was the first I went out with Sapinah, Fatin & Azie to buy stuffs to sell on the next day. We are selling fried foods like nuggets, French fries and beverages like Lychee and “Float Cinta” (Literally Love Float) which is just a normal float xP

I remember Fatin shouted “Float Cinte~” at that time to attract customers, not bad :P
There were also International student in our APK group, Ahmad from Somalia, Abu Bakar from Nigeria, Adilla from Thailand, and there was one more girl, but I forgot her name ><
We name our stall as…Obsidian Palace…because….Obsidian is a rock, and most of us are geology student, so you do the maths ;P


One of the memorable things during my 1st semester is when International Student group arranged a trip to Pangkor Island for 3 days and 2 nights. I get to meet one Bruneian girl when Rana and KZ were asking each country need to sing a song during our trip there xD

It was a nice experience, my list of International student friend expanded ;)

Fun trip!! Sorry cant join the trip for 2nd semester :(

I almost forgot to mention, I really miss the ramadhan time in UM. Me and Wasiul and I think Eko was there too, we usually played games at night until sahur time. I remember I skipped the sahur few times, due to oversleeping =_=
Usually we just break our fast typically in the cafeteria, but one day, Asyura, Amira ( I think she was there), and is Aziza there too? Dang I forgot >.> So yeah, we walked to the “pasar malam” nearby the LRT station to get some nice food to break our fast. I remember I bought the cendol and nasi + ayam goreng P:

omnomnomnomnom xD

After ramadhan comes the best part, HARI RAYA!!!!
The college arranged a raya feast, it was nice, and I think I already post about this before where George took all the satays xDD
I also attended a Bruneian’s apartment for open house with Azfar (& his gf Raimi) and Farhan (Wasiul’s Ex-roomate). I get to know Amal and Beh there ;D

One random day, someone messaged me, it was Hajar…she invited me to her aunt’s open house for Hari Raya, I was grateful and confused at the same time, last time me and Hajar didn’t talk that much, yet she invited me o_O
It turns out she just want me to accompany Huy, because apparently he was the only guy that she invited lol xD
Bana was there, and I met Liyana and Nana, and the senior-looking Fathi xP
Thanks for the invitation Hajar, really appreciate it ^^

Ratio 2:6 xDD

Enough of the fun parts, time flew so fast, and exam time came. My last semester’s result sucks, because I went to Indonesia for 1 week during the study week break D:
Well, as long I passed all the subjects I’m cool with it :PP
HOLIDAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? You think that’s all? Now moving on to the 2nd semester~~~ :PP

My room was in a horrible dirty condition after the holiday, so I spent more than 3 hours cleaning the room.

Wasiul's bed

My bed ;)

Semesters 2 was rather dull in the beginning, still the same hard courses, rarely went out, basically nothing special.

The 2nd intake for international student came, I just knew that new intake guy is Aziza’s brother, his name is Ahmad….and I also get to meet my friend from previous school, Zizul and a girl named Siti. It’s fun showing them how UM is, acting like an amateur senior lol xD

There are 2 new International students in one of my class. The first one is Mehran, a guy from Pakistan and Hyungbin, a girl from Korea. They are fun to hang out with. But too bad, Hyungbin is just an exchange student, so she’s going back soon. Take care~ don’t forget me, I might visit your hometown one day =p

The guy with the cap is Mehran, and Hyungbin is the 2nd girl from the left ^^

Me and Wasiul started playing chess for few weeks. Mohammed also came to our room sometimes since his roommate, Tareeq, went to Yemen for industrial training.

Look who's winning :p

Since Im taking my Introduction to Malaysia course this semester, I need to get into a group to have a trip to explore more about Malaysia. The people in my group are: Brooke and Deng Xin from China, Courtesy from Nigeria, Kefriman from Indonesia and Raihana (the leader) from Iran.
It’s a fun trip; we went to Putrajaya from 1pm until 7pm ;)


And for my presentation skills class, my 2 presentation topics that I did were about “Anime and its impact” and “Vocaloids”
Yea I know I’m an anime geek, at least my topic is unique, not like the usual drug addict or HIV/AIDS topic :PP

I bought a YES 4G broadband, only cost RM99 and no monthly payment (if you didn’t exceed the limit). Although the limit is rather small, 300MB, its usefull for times when UM wifi is down. Download speed averaged about 200kbps which is good. And another reason why I bought it is because to play online game (ragnarok online) since UM wifi blocks online games ;p
Go buy it, it's worth it ;D

I decided to volunteer to help organize the Xplorace (hostel activity). This is the time when me, Ayuni, Hasanah and Mohammed get closer. Not only because of the meeting, but we also went out together for the first time to get the materials for the events.
Another highlight of the semester, the Mandeta (malam anugerah pendeta), it’s some kind of annual college dinner which is held at Palace of the Golden Horses. The hotel is HUGE, and grand, 5 star hotel no doubt. I’m sitting with Deborah, Dorenna and Belinda. They’re the only one I know, the others I don’t know :PP


"family picture" lol

After that no more special events held by UM or college. The next few weekends consist of going out with Ayuni, Hasanah and Mohammed. They went to restaurants that I never visited before, like Manhattan fish market and the seafood restaurant nearby KLCC.

At Nando's, before they sent me back to Masjid India :D

We went to PC fair, walking for quite a long time, and I bought the most things, hahahah “ayman’s day” huh? :PP
The memorable outing was when we went out to watch Sucker Punch movie in the afternoon in KLCC, and at night we went to Midvalley, and out of nowhere, we booked a movie ticket for Hop which is 11.45pm!!!
OMG, that’s the first time I went out for late night movie (lol poor me). And the movie finishes at 2.30 am. Not to mention the taxi driver ripped us of that night =.=


Hajar and Murni eventually started joining us for another few hangouts. Seriously, if I’m gonna mention all the hangout that we did, I doubt this website can fit it in :PP
We also hangout at the cafĂ© almost every day, and Murni introduced to me a card game “monopoly deal”….it’s like monopoly, but in card form =X
I think we should give our group a name….what about The Usuals™ ?? hahahah lame

playing card in the middle of the night ;D

Oh oh one more thing, thanks to Jodie for hanging out with me last time at Midvalley. Sorry I can’t accompany you to Pavillion or Timesquare although I wanted to go there badly Dx
we still have next sem, hahaha xD

And special thanks also to Wendy and Zhihui for the sushi king and movie last time ;)
Don’t forget to invite me again if they have sushi king promotion next time xP

10 plates of sushi, burpp~ =X

Did I mention that I get rejected from becoming an ISC PM this semester? And I also get rejected for….nevermind :P
Oh well, life~ this thing happens aye? ;)

I guess that pretty much summarizes my 1 year in UM. I’m gonna miss all of you especially The Usuals™ . Hopefully you guys will have fun ^^
Goodluck to those undergoing the PM training, goodluck also for those going for exchange and not to forget those who took special semester >:D
Enjoy while you can, InsyaAllah we will meet again after 4 freaking months :’)
Sorry if I wrote something that might offend you, I wrote this at 6.30 in the morning and now it’s already 11.30 x_x
breakfast time~~ bye bye!!!

The Usuals (by Ayuni :p)